Ever hear of a Snow day? Yeah, That's because of me.
My name's Jack Frost....And I've been around....
I've been many places, and seen a lot... But, not many people see me. At least, not until I became a Guardian. Now, I protect the kids, and get to have fun doing it!
So come'n and let's talk!
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apparently people ship this…so yeah. Please?

blossom-of-faith: Delilah's smile slowly faded after she heard what had happened to his parents. Letting out a faint sigh, she leaned up and pressed a light kiss to his cheek. "I'm sorry, Jack. I didn't know," she murmured, gazing at him for a few seconds before looking back down at the little picture of the two adults.

Jack shrugs; “it’s okay.” He smiles. “I’ve handled it for a Long time. Sorta numb now.” His pale finger flips the page. Tapping a drawing of a woman; next to her is jack.
“This is Megara. My first… Well. Love,” he chuckles as they sit on the ground. “She lived in Greece. And a lot of people think she fell for some guy name Hercules…”

blossom-of-faith: Delilah smiled up at him before lowering her gaze back to the lightly yellowed pages of his book. "She's a beautiful girl," she murmured softly, dainty fingers faintly brushing the drawing before returning themselves to the spine of the book.

His finger trails again; “and that’s my mom and dad.” Jack says, pointing to another drawing.
“My dad died right after Emma was born. And my mom died a few years after Emma.”

blossom-of-faith: Delilah's brows rose ever so slightly in confusion as she caught a glimpse of his bulletin board, but she quickly offered him a light smile in return as she took the book and began to slowly look through it. Holding it down a little bit so he could look with her, her blue eyes began to intently scan the pages as if she were afraid she'd miss something. "Wow..."

Jack notices how interested she looked and smiles. His finger runs across the page;
“That’s a drawing of my sister, Emma. Jamie made it for me.” He smiles brightly; “she loved to go ice skating, it was her favorite hobby.” He states, a gleam in his eyes.

sassy-fire-spirit: She smirked and lifted his shirt making raspberries and smirked hoping this would make him laugh.

Jack stays stalk still.

blossom-of-faith: Murmuring a sincere 'thank you', Delilah hopped to her feet and very lightly felt the braids with a soft grin. "Of course. What is it?" The brunette nodded and gently nudged his shoulder, offering him a smile of reassurance.

Jack went over to his desk, picking up a shabby, old leather bound book. Glancing up at his bulletin board coated in pictures and drawings of people; he turns back to her. Taking a deep breath, a sad smile on his lips. Handing her the book.
“It’s my scrapbook. I have pictures, drawings, notes… Anything from everyone I’ve ever met.”

cheese-buns-of-steel: Loki and chis pine

What ship do you think I’m the child of?

//…. That’s…. Kinda…. Whoa. Uhm. No response?//

//actually not sure how to respond here. That sounds sorta crazy… I like that.//

blossom-of-faith: "I bet I would've," Delilah agreed, sitting patiently as he started to weave her hair together. "They sound really great, Jack. You're lucky to have known them. And they, you."

Jack smiles at her, as he quickly finishes a few more braids. Before twining them together. Grinning as he stands,
“Delilah? Would you like to see something…?” He asks, a bit shyly. “I haven’t shown anyone this in a long time but… I trust you.”

Anonymous: i love you and your blog, i wish to rp with you yet i am to shy to start one .///.

//hey Nonnie. Hey. Hey. Guess what? I love you too. Luna’s not scary, I promise. Luna is just a fifteen year old girl, with no life. That aspires to be a writer. If you come roleplay with me, you’re helping me reach my dream ;) that’s always good right? :D
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