Believe It.
My name's Jack Frost....And I've been around....
I've been many places, and seen a lot... But, not many people see me. At least, not until I became a Guardian. Now, I protect the kids, and get to have fun doing it!
So come'n and let's talk!
(And If you can, bring me a few cookies?)
//Indie Jack Frost Rp blog from ROTG, everyone(thing?) welcomed! I'm the mun, Luna.
**M!A: None, Accepting**
tracking: "thelakedroppedme"//

I arted? I arted.
I tried HIJack.
Did luna do good?

"I was kissed by Jokul Frosti -Hiccup" is what the Viking letters say

»Ipod screwed up the colours »it looks better in person »HiJack »Jack Frost »Hiccup »Jack's face is too long »ugh »I REGRET POSTING THIS
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